3 15 community residents to sign up for the March 10th forum lecture lecture


Community Liaison Station and Xining City branch of the city, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau District Consumers Association, Xining City, Xining city Jiefang Road District comity Street office community will be jointly organized by the "consumer rights with you face to face" 3· 15 community forum, as of yesterday, more than more than and 40 residents enrolled in.

Home Zhao comity street said, shortly before she bought a mobile phone, it didn’t take long, mobile phone battery is out of the question, she returned to the other, but for various reasons to refuse. The day of the lecture, I would like to consult an expert, encountered such a thing, how rights." Zhao said. Most of the people who want to apply for registration to participate in the community to participate in the community to get more consumer rights knowledge.

in this regard, deputy secretary of the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry, said Tian Tian, Yongji, on the day of the lecture, they set up a consumer complaint platform, consumers encounter consumer complaints. In addition, the staff of the consumer association will also accept the scene of the consumer case analysis with community residents, and to teach you the most simple method of rights. Currently, the registration is still hot.

lecture time: March 10th at 11 a.m.

lecture location: No. 2 Jiefang Road Food Bureau small square

registration phone: 3869434 (community), 3999308, (newspaper)


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