n the province of Sanjiang documentary shooting snow leopard CCTV 9 sets of launch

In Sanjiang Province, the source of the shooting of the natural environment documentary "Snow Leopard", from November 26th to 9 every day at 22 in the CCTV record channel (set) broadcast, the next day in a replay.

the full range of multi angle reflects the relationship between people and ecology between snow leopard with the herdsmen, and in the process of environmental protection, each of us will face challenges. Zhou Bing, director of the film, said in an interview with the media, wildlife conservation is of great significance, especially for the western plateau of China’s endangered species of wild snow leopard scientific research and protection. In 2012 the project has not been under the snow leopard documentary, director Zhou Bing sent the first shooting small team, following the American scientist George · Schaller, Beijing University professor Lv Zhi and other snow leopard conservation biology expedition into my Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province snow leopard habitat photograph and survey, shooting a lot of valuable material.

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