nto the poverty alleviation fund 2 billion Xining poverty reduction of nearly 200 thousand people i

This fall, in the mountainous region of Huangzhong County, LAN Long Kou Zhen Qia Yang Cun due to focus on contiguous planting of Gerbera, Ge Sanghua sea, the day attracted 2000 tourists come to watch. For a time, the original poor card blocking Yang Village brush burst WeChat circle of friends. This is one of the most affordable is the same as the villagers Ma Qingyuan farmhouse operators, a monthly income of nearly million. And this is just a microcosm of Xining poverty alleviation efforts to achieve poverty alleviation.

three county, harsh natural environment, weak infrastructure, public services lag, poverty and other factors constitute a complex system of poverty in Xining. In this regard, the precise poverty and poverty alleviation and development and adhere to the combination of ecological protection in Xining City, and regional poverty poverty alleviation precise combination of poverty alleviation and special trade poverty, social poverty combined efforts to build a government, market, social collaboration to promote poverty alleviation work, and strive to get out of a contiguous development, industry driven, the scale of operation, promote the overall benefit, sustained "poverty alleviation and development road.

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