Health public security culture and education in Xining

  Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry since December 3rd, with the health, public security, culture, education and other departments to actively cooperate with the Xining area of primary and secondary schools around the environment for special law enforcement inspection. The qualification is legitimate, whether the operation of expired and modification, three noes food and may endanger the safety of juvenile toys, whether business contain violence, pornography and unhealthy content of books, pictures, audio and video products, pirated books as the main examination content, during set up 31 law enforcement groups, law enforcement officers dispatched 174 passengers. Law enforcement vehicles 27 times, more than 50 schools around 309 households were concentrated inspection. Seized suspected sealed three noes, expired food 1092 bags, 73 imitation guns, 5987 copies of pirated books, 94 boxes of firecrackers, "pocket book", the 353 nunchaku 7, pornographic CD 26, bad picture 39 edition, containing bad culture "card fraud" and so on more than 1600 pieces of. 7 the existence of illegal business of the store shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification.


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