The province’s procuratorial organs law enforcement and judicial standardization of construction ac

  in May 17th, the provincial procuratorate held a mobilization meeting, the official start of the province’s procuratorial organs, law enforcement and judicial standardization of construction activities. The provincial procuratorate Yin Bo at the meeting put forward specific requirements.

it is reported that this event will focus on the influence of procuratorial judicial team construction, judicial norms, prosecution management, prosecution security problems in four aspects, highlighting the problems of centralized rectification procuratorial field is not normative and strict, fair and civilized, honest, style is not correct, to further improve the strict regulation of fair the ability and level of judicial civilization, and actively adapt to the new requirements of the procuratorial work of the new expectations of the people, to provide a strong guarantee for the province to promote the rule of law.

Nonstandard problems

province’s procuratorial organs will carefully combed since 2015 the cases do exist, revealing problems seriously, seriously listen to the masses and other law enforcement authorities put forward opinions and suggestions, direction and measures for improvement. Clear rectification goals, tasks, deadlines and specific measures, to establish a list of system, sales system, one by one, to ensure the rectification in place. To deliberately conceal, delay does not change, will be dealt with, will not be tolerated; the need to modify the system perfect, to strengthen research, timely advice; of the judicial system and working mechanism of the problem, to a special report. Activities to the end of this year.


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