Xining farmhouse status quo Evening News survey

As of early 2014, the city district management of agricultural leisure sightseeing tourism sites a total of 458 stars, rural tourism sites have 55, only in Datong County, there are 113 rural tourism sites. Farmhouse, become more and more popular way of leisure.

breeze, the scent of rich food smell; the hospital is full of laughter, so pleasant pastoral life, intoxicated. In recent years, more and more people yearning for the natural Xining countryside, to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city, looking for a rare quiet, breathing fresh air, watch the scenery of the farmhouse, tasting farm meals…… Quietly rising farmhouse, sought after by many people. Into the farmhouse, in the experience of farm music at the same time, we also have such questions, the city is probably the number of farmhouse? What is the standard of farmhouse? Farmhouse meal quality supervision by whom? Whether qualified? In the future, the city should be developed in what direction?

two Q

farmhouse, is open can open

I because the number of Nongjiale increasing, service quality, external environment becomes more uneven. Some farmhouse dishes taste bad, poor quality of service, health conditions are worrying, which makes many tourists disappointed. Many people can not help but ask, what conditions need to set up farmhouse? Do you want to open? The city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said that the farmhouse offering more lenient policy, but must comply with the requirements of the overall planning of the farmhouse planning, project approval and construction of Xining city tourism development; food hygiene must reach a certain standard, to obtain health permits, food service license; safety protection system to the premises a special, (and) the post safety management measures and the ability to handle emergencies, such as fire protection equipment; to earnestly implement the relevant security system, effectively maintain social order. Meet the above criteria, can apply for industrial and commercial business license.

three Q

Ye, grade of star pointsMany, I

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