Xining economic and Technological Development Zone earnestly implement the steady growth policy meas

in the first half of this year, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, firmly grasp the "spirit, good in quickly", at the end of June, the industrial added value 10 billion yuan, up 22.6%. In the second half of this year, the development zone will effectively implement the steady growth of the various policy measures to ensure the successful completion of the annual objectives and tasks.


for this year in the complex economic situation, the development zone will maintain the steady growth of the industrial park in an important position, strengthen confidence, to create conditions for the development of enterprises, accelerate the construction and operation of new projects, to do a good job in 2012 identified 106 key industrial projects. Work to accelerate the restructuring and integration of solar photovoltaic manufacturing in Tibetan medicine industry, strengthen the horizontal linkages between enterprises, expand the upstream and downstream industries, and strive to achieve the integration of industrial chain extension and industry depth, play the advantages of scale and agglomeration effects.

according to the requirements of the park infrastructure construction can not keep up with the project construction, the project land shortage bottleneck, project financing and industrial water supply, railway transportation, power facilities and other resource constraints become increasingly prominent problems, the second half of the development zone will speed up infrastructure construction, improve the construction capacity of large projects. Strengthen the investment, focus on photovoltaic manufacturing, processing, non-ferrous metal lithium billion industrial park, titanium industry cluster, electronic grade polysilicon industry, equipment manufacturing, extension of Plateau Biology and other leading industries, in-depth research and planning a number of key projects and fill chain project. Give full play to the role of small and medium enterprises Park Park platform, the introduction of small and medium enterprises into the park, to stimulate the vitality of the park enterprises competing development.

in the development of circular economy, enhance the capability of independent innovation, the development zone will give prominence to the key industrial park in the work of energy-saving emission reduction, to encourage enterprises to carry out technological transformation, and actively introduce new technologies, new technology and advanced equipment, to carry out energy-saving emission reduction, waste utilization, research and application of industrial recycling technology. To accelerate the construction of high-tech industrial clusters with characteristics of Qinghai, and actively organize the enterprises in the park in Qinghai province "123" science and technology support program, to fully play the main role in the enterprise technological innovation, strengthen the lithium iron phosphate cathode material, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, polycrystalline silicon (Electronic) key technology of semiconductor wafers and other high-tech products and advanced technology the absorption and innovation. Support enterprises to establish R & D center, test base, quality inspection center platform, improve the service level of public science and Technology Park, vigorously the introduction of high-level innovative talents, and actively strive for the national and provincial technology innovation, scientific and technological achievements into the project, as well as national and provincial new product development project support. At the same time, strengthen the construction of the park financing platform, multi-channel financing to raise funds, and effectively help enterprises tide over the difficulties, to ensure that enterprises do not stop, no production, no attrition. (author:

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