Xining North District 16 million yuan continued to strengthen the construction of New Countryside

new garbage collector, bright lights…… These villagers usually want to all dare not to think of infrastructure, Xining is now in the north of the city of new rural area can be seen everywhere, all this due north region continued to strengthen the construction of new countryside, improving the rural infrastructure construction work.

this year, north of the city of Xining district to strengthen the construction of new rural communities with pilot work, relying on the Beichuan River comprehensive management project (core), on the Bridge Street North apricot village and Tao Village border building "four village one" (North apricot village, village, village, Tao Tao Lei Stone Village) the north area of Beichuan river the new rural community service center, actively strive for the new rural community construction grant funds 10 million yuan, for the community service center office building and other infrastructure construction. At present, has completed the construction of the new rural community planning, feasibility study, project construction land geological exploration, environmental assessment and reporting the preparatory work of Beichuan River new rural community construction project planning and feasibility study report, submitted to the approval of the relevant department of the city.

at the same time, increase financial input, the district budget in the new rural construction funds reached 6 million yuan, of which: 1 million 500 thousand yuan for the village area renovation, lighting, landscaping, greening and other work, 4 million 500 thousand yuan for key village building. At present, the ongoing screening review on the implementation of the program reported to the village, organize the implementation after the review. (author: Fan Shengdong)

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