The Lantern Festival to pick up the weather

Sunday is the Lantern Festival, the provincial meteorological observatory chief forecaster said that in the next few days, there will be no cold air affect our province, the temperature will slow recovery. The Lantern Festival people go out Shangding, godsend.

since last week after the cold air transit, the province in recent days around the weather is good, the highest temperature is also slow recovery process. This weekend holiday, the weather will continue to maintain a good state, are sunny or cloudy weather, the highest temperature in some areas above 10 degrees celsius. The day of the Lantern Festival, Xining is expected to the highest temperature reached 14 degrees, the minimum temperature of minus 8 degrees Celsius, while the temperature is still great, but for many times, the temperature difference between day and night are maintained at 20 degrees Celsius in Xining, this gap should be "used to" the people of Qinghai. Provincial Meteorological Station Chief forecasters also said that the night of the Lantern Festival 8 points to 10 points, Xining temperature is expected at zero degrees Celsius; in 11, 12 in the evening, the temperature will gradually decline, close to zero degrees Celsius, the overall weather conditions more suitable for people to go out shangding. (author: Rong Lijun)


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