Xining City ndustrial and commercial bureau held to stop the collection of two fee propaganda Forum

recently, the State Administration for Industry and commerce to the whole system issued "on the cessation of the collection of individual industrial and commercial households bazaars management fees and management fees related issues notice" requirements, strict implementation of industrial and commercial departments at all levels, Xining City Administration of Industrial and Commercial Bureau branch of the city immediately under each business organization area market branch, industry leader, the size of private enterprises on behalf of and the sponsoring units held to cease the levying of "two charges" propaganda forum, to ensure that the work carried out.

Nanshan Road Industry and commerce under the jurisdiction of the market branch, the size of the industry leader, the private sector representatives and market units responsible for a total of 23 people attended the meeting. At the meeting, we seriously study the deputy director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Wang Dongfeng "do stop levying a" two charges "all the work, and actively promote the sound and rapid economic and social development" speech and the Council’s "emergency notice", at the same time, director of Nanshan Road and all cadres and branch of the sponsoring organization, one is to give full play to the market branch, branch director, head of division size, sectional door publicity Tingzheng "two for" the spirit of the document, do household is two, All the world knows. awareness; launched the market opened the unit publicity through broadcast, blackboard, leaflets; three is the "news" as an opportunity to market inspectors from door check, stop propaganda sign "two charges" at the same time serious work discipline, is prohibited under any name fees; four is to improve the supervision mechanism, and consciously accept the community and the majority of Supervision of the masses, to ensure that stop levy two fee work implemented.

west gate business organization area dealers on the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Wang Dongfeng "in the country to stop the collection of individual industrial and commercial households bazaars management fees and management fees of television and telephone conference speech" and "stop collecting two charges Q of publicity. A detailed answer to the details of the "stop levy two fee" policy, and when it comes to the motion of the industrial and commercial administration and the functions and responsibilities of the administrative staff of industry and Commerce in the future, it will be announced on the basis of the "two fees". At the meeting listened carefully to the views of the majority of individual business representatives to speak, suggestions. Business participants said the business sector to stop the two fee is a good thing for the government to benefit the people, we should be in the party’s good policy, to make their business bigger and stronger, to contribute to local economic development.


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