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"comrade, please show me your work permit." "Which department do you belong to?"…… In the face of such a request, it was a face of doubt, it was a little nervous, but also some attitude conflict. Obviously, a thorough investigation, so many units, departments and staff is not suited to".

in order to understand and grasp the mass line of educational practice rectification results, in December 20, 2013, 23, the relevant departments of the organization staff four Bingfen Road, launched a thorough investigation on the provincial government agencies and departments, look at each window unit if there is the door hard, ugly face, something difficult, rude, chinakayao problem the existence of institutions; discipline, lax management, the system is not strict, supervision and other issues. According to the arrangement, the whole group of reporters to follow the second provincial government agencies, North East and West, the Provincial Public Security Department vehicle, exit and Entry Management Bureau and the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision service hall launched a thorough investigation.

[time] 20 14:30 to 15:00 17:30 to 18:00 23 8:30 to 9:00

[location] provincial government organs of the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau

[keyword] late and leave early

[scene reproduction]

has long been at work time, but also the direction of the North provincial government has continued to work, unhurried.

"comrade, may I ask what department you are in, please show me your work permit." Unannounced visits said.

"work permit? Why do you need a work permit? What do you do?" Although some doubts, some reluctance, but most people still took out a work permit to accept the registration; but it was also said: "the late check it, how can you check the attendance." Then angrily left; and that the "situation", ready to take the work permit door hand quickly back, then turn left like a stranger; more people face and said: "I don’t always be all right." Turning to leave, the attitude is very bad.

came to work, the inspection team came to the provincial government, the north gate, found that there is almost no lag phenomenon.

23 days early in the morning, the reporter with the inspection team came to the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau office building, after half an hour of Dundian inspection, there are very few staff and a leading cadres to work late. According to the security guard at the door, some departments have installed their own fingerprint punch machine, so there is little late to leave early phenomenon.


reporter learned from the feedback of the other groups, the departments of each group are more or less the existence of some late to leave early. Some units to work late; in a unit, the inspectors found 23 days between 8:30 and 9:00 is about 20 and the late late, most of the staff did not cooperate with the inspection and registration, seeing some detour away, some straight upstairs, individual attitude of evil;

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