Xining to undertake the distinctive agricultural product marketing promotion held recently

hosted by the Xining city in 2013 the province’s characteristics of agricultural and livestock products marketing promotion recently held in Xining city.

Xining and Haidong Province as the two major agricultural and livestock products processing area, agricultural production has the very strong complementarity. Based on this, two city agriculture and animal husbandry departments through the construction of high standard energy-saving solar greenhouse, promote the transformation of the old greenhouse, livestock farming, construction Nuanpeng standardized scale breeding base, the development of vegetable planting, construction of the "enclave" vegetable base, for the promotion of new technologies, new varieties, new machinery and other means to continuously enhance the ability of agricultural production animal husbandry, improve the vegetables, meat, eggs, milk self-sufficiency rate, rich varieties of agricultural and livestock products, increasing agricultural and livestock products in the market supply has played an important role. In July this year, two municipal government signed the "Xining Haidong vegetable production and marketing cooperation framework agreement", mutual exchange of needed products of complementary advantages, effectively promote the circulation of agricultural and livestock products, guarantee market supply, increasing the income of farmers.

the day of the promotion will be invited to the province part of the supermarket, supermarkets, canteens, agricultural colleges catering enterprises, agricultural and livestock products processing enterprises and other industry representatives, 12 representatives signed an agreement of intent and characteristics of agricultural and livestock products. (author: Su Jianping)

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