Wang Jianjun in Huangnan to the party members and cadres to strengthen learning taking the two meas

12 24, 2009, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor Wang Jianjun made a special trip to Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to assess the implementation of the party and government accountability system. Wang Jianjun message to the majority of Party members and cadres, to strengthen learning, to keep up with the times, strict political relations and integrity, and strive to create a good political ecology and natural ecology protection, to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping’s "four solid" major requirements, promote peace and rejuvenation of Huangnan provides an important guarantee.

in the morning at the party honest construction accountability assessment meeting, the first inspection group leader, provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to the provincial court discipline inspection team leader Zhang is on the assessment for the description, Huangnan zhouweishuji Ju grams reported in 2016 the construction of honest honest implementation of the responsibility system, and made the personal responsibility of the discipline of honesty the Chen Rong report, the Huangnan Party committee reported in 2016 the construction of honest honest oversight responsibility for the implementation. Wang Jianjun listened carefully, not to write down the main points.

Wang Jianjun fully affirmed the implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping, Huangnan four solid major requirements and the achievements of the party and government integrity. He pointed out that the Huangnan Party leadership and discipline in the performance of honest honest responsibility, the responsibility of PCT clearly, the system cage tied firmly, with good leadership, Party members and cadres and strong execution, hope Huangnan efforts continue to consolidate and expand the use and good practices and effectiveness.

and the majority of Party members and cadres in the conversation, Wang Jianjun stressed that people will not learn to fall, keep up with the times will not suffer. We must encourage people to strengthen learning, keep up with the times. Of the party since eighteen, Party construction, economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, ecological civilization construction have undergone changes in turn the world upside down, put forward many new requirements for Party members and cadres, to adapt to the new changes and new requirements, we must strengthen learning, enhance the party spirit, ideals and beliefs. Must be strict political relations and integrity. To strengthen political awareness in the first place, loyalty to the party, loyal to the people, dedication, integrity, loyalty to bear the qualified cadres, do not place in place but not offside, dislocation. We must strive to grasp the political ecology and natural ecology. Pay more attention to the work, the heart of Qi Qishun, to create a united political ecology delicate gas is established, the most sincere friendship between comrades, well under the principle of the unity of the most sincere comrade, so that we work together in a team harmony, mutual respect, mutual support, mutual help, remind each other, better stimulate creativity party members and cadres, cadres and the masses to boost the spirit, gather up the construction of beautiful rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai powerful force. Qinghai’s greatest value in ecology, the greatest responsibility in ecology, the greatest potential is also ecological. Pay more attention to the protection of natural ecology, Huangnan is located in the Sanjiang natural reserve, must firmly establish the concept of ecological protection priority, adhere to the green mountains and rivers is jinshanyinshan, strengthen environmental protection and ecological construction, ecological protection, development of production, improve the real good life, the general secretary Xi Jinping’s people centred development implement the implement idea.


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