West District Xining city to celebrate 81 support of colorful activities

west area to celebrate Chinese people’s Liberation Army 85 anniversary as an opportunity to carry out a series of celebration activities from mid July to early August, to further enhance the military and civilian unity, in the region formed "Jun Aimin, min Yongjun, army and heart" good atmosphere.

focus on leadership, to provide an organizational guarantee for the development of activities

in order to ensure that the "81" condolences activities successfully, Chengxi district held a special meeting to coordinate the activities to celebrate "81", a unified understanding of the activities planned, during the region’s army day and Yongjunyouzhu yongzhengaimin visits condolences activities carried out detailed arrangements, put forward specific requirements. In charge of the implementation of the activities in charge of sympathy. Party secretary, director of the District People’s Congress, mayor of West common condolences to the District Department, Qinghai Armed Police Corps detachment of two squadrons, six troops and 62214 West fire brigade officers and soldiers, and condolences to the old demobilized soldiers, outstanding military representatives; the Civil Affairs Department of the old demobilized soldier survivors, only one child compulsory family visit. On this basis, the military and the two sides to carry out a wide range of rich and colorful recreational activities, by holding seminars, and other forms of in-depth understanding of the garrison units, to the military and civilian yushuiqing friendship.

focuses on publicity, create a good atmosphere of Yongjunyouzhu

during the event, the West District publicity department, West District Civil Affairs Bureau with the region’s towns do make full use of various forms and means, vigorously promote the glorious tradition of yongjunyoushu, cherishing, dedication, advocate patriotic Yongjun Aimin good social fashion. Focus on four series of educational activities. First, focus on typical propaganda. Through information, publicity boards, websites and other media, and vigorously promote the advanced units and advanced individuals Yongjun Edmonton typical deeds propaganda garrison in the self construction and promote western economic development, outstanding contributions in maintaining social stability and selfless dedication. Two is to strengthen national defense education. Organize cadres and workers of institutions and institutions to join the party activists to listen to national defense education seminars, increase the national defense education law study, enhance the region’s cadres and the masses of national defense concept. Three is to carry out national defense education day activities. Organizational leadership over the military day activities, in-depth visits to visit the company guidance, shooting and other activities. At the same time, there are plans to organize the area of primary and secondary school students to garrison troops experience barracks life, by patriotism and collectivism education.

focuses on the effectiveness of support activities, full of sound and colour

activities, in accordance with the requirements of the unified district government, west district and the relevant departments and units in the "three project" activities as the starting point, vigorously carry out a series of activities to "culture Yongjun" as the theme, to create a strong yongjunyoushu atmosphere in the area. One is in the area of the police forces held to celebrate the "81" association, strengthen the military unit to build communication, promote feelings. Two is the full implementation of the special care and placement policy. On the eve of the August, for the family involved in nuclear difficulties, retired soldiers before the war and the founding of the party did not;

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