The establishment of a non Expert Committee

After six months of preparation and submitted to the municipal government for approval, in June 4th, Xining intangible cultural heritage (hereinafter referred to as "non heritage") Expert Committee on the protection of the establishment of 65 experts and scholars employed in the province. Since then, the city has a team of experts with both ability and integrity, which will promote the protection and utilization of intangible cultural heritage.

to folk literature, folk music, folk dance, traditional opera, folk art, acrobatics and athletics, folk art, traditional handicrafts, traditional medicine and folk activities such as cultural forms or cultural heritage of the intangible cultural heritage, has become an important part of Xining cultural wealth, greatly enriched the people in our city people’s spiritual and cultural life. After years of efforts, the city has a national intangible cultural heritage project 13, the provincial intangible cultural heritage project 29, municipal intangible cultural heritage project of 61. Project representative inheritors 61. Among them, the national heritage of 5 people, the provincial heritage of the people of the 56. In August 2013, Xining City Intangible Cultural Heritage Center was established, marking the city’s intangible cultural heritage protection work with formal institutions, and the establishment of the Committee of experts on the city, the future of intangible cultural heritage protection work plays an important guiding and leading authority for identification and. The same day, the city also held the first municipal intangible cultural heritage project award ceremony, Huangyuan County mountain in June six, the flowers will be Rushall stilts, Qinghai Daoqing, siege 19 entertainment the first municipal intangible cultural heritage project award.  

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