Xining City take measures to deal with the Menyuan earthquake

on January 21st at 1:13 in the morning, I in Haibei, Menyuan County (37.68 degrees north latitude, 101.62 degrees east longitude) M6.4 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 10 km, Xining city felt strongly. 1:32, travel in the field of municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiaoli given instructions: "please let Xiao comrades quickly arrange to identify the earthquake impact Menyuan occurred, and take effective measures to do the work, to ensure the safety and stability of the society."

Deputy secretary and mayor Zhang Xiaorong

in accordance with the instructions, quickly make arrangements for, and called for publicity, public security, earthquake, emergency departments and Datong County Government held an emergency meeting, asked the relevant departments and the county government combine their respective responsibilities to carry out the work. The first time the departmental and regional emergency response, disaster, earthquake information release, reply to the public consultation, police arrange good stability control evacuation. Requirements of Datong County summary report earthquake disaster situation as soon as possible, especially the damage of Heiquan reservoir and other major water conservancy projects; publicity departments should fully grasp the Internet public opinion, to further strengthen public opinion guidance, the timely release of authoritative positive information in the media; the Municipal Public Security Bureau network monitoring work, severely crack down on Internet rumors behavior; municipal government the emergency office of the Municipal Seismological Bureau, continue to do a good job in earthquake consultation work, and the Provincial Seismological Bureau of communication, timely grasp of seismic information.

as of press time, the city affected by the earthquake affected Menyuan township has 26 houses slightly damaged, there were no casualties and houses collapsed.


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