Consolidate the results of the construction of cancer is not allowed to exist in Xining City the le

for two consecutive days, municipal Party committee, discipline committee Ma Haiying, vice mayor Tong Wang in the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, the City Patriotic Sanitation, Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and other departments and accompanied by four main leadership area, the progress of work the establishment of the inspection. On the afternoon of July 31st, after the end of the inspection, vice mayor Tong Wang chaired a special meeting on the construction of health review.

according to the supervision of the construction of four districts of the work of the two day, Ma Haiying do a good job in the construction of the review of the work of the specific requirements. All localities and departments in the architectural review work to do in the leadership in place, the task in place, responsibilities and measures to implement the number one overall responsibility, leaders in charge of specific and responsible, the responsibility mechanism of common cooperation ". According to the overall deployment, the detailed division of labor, leak filled, work schedule, inverted time, further clarify the responsibility to implement. The market and travel industry management departments should play the role of the functions of departments, the poor health status of the catering industry to carry out strict penalties, the closure of the closure, the rectification of the rectification, the revocation of the business license revoked the business license, there is no problem. All relevant departments and units should set up the city’s chess game to the overall situation, and earnestly fulfill their duties, take responsibility, go all out to support and cooperate with the prosecution work. In addition, all localities and departments to highlight the fine management, to perfect the management mechanism establishment, strictly implement the construction supervision appraisal and other health system, give full play to the "Jian Wei day" promotion and improvement of the role of carrier, consolidate and enhance architectural achievements. (author: Tang Rong)

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