Children’s swimming pool franchise stores how to retain customers

mother and child industry is now the public investment is optimistic, there are a lot of people want to invest in children’s swimming pool to join the project. But now there are so many stores on the market, they need to open a popular children’s swimming pool shop. First of all, investors must make clear what the customer needs of the children’s swimming pool? What is the value of your store to meet customer needs? This is the premise and basis for the store to attract customers and retain customers.

customers choose the most basic needs of children’s swimming pool is to the health of children. As a baby swimming pool all the facilities, environment, services and other factors are for the baby’s health and the existence of. From the hardware, swimming equipment and water quality safety, health environment of the indoor environment and ventilation conditions, timely heating water supply system; in the aspect of software, the changing environment and comfortable swimming environment, professional and meticulous patient services etc.. In each element can take into account the baby’s health, to find the outstanding advantages of the store, that is, the core selling point, and do the key packaging, forming its own unique sales proposition. For example, have many years of nursery and infant swimming teacher, ensure professional service; such as large space, professional swimming equipment, focus, focus, implement differentiated marketing, must not speak generally.

children swimming pool stores will do a regular promotional activities during the holidays, the sales season, mainly to promote the brand, win over customers, very few stores to do promotional activities for members of the core customers. In fact, the training goal of customer loyalty is the core member of the main consumer is a member, regularly do some necessary activities for members, but also to retain a loyal customer group. While the members of the promotional discount none can not just stay at the basic level, but should be in the light of actual needs of members, will become the preferential promotion and care. For example, regularly send reminder messages to members; mailing children swimming knowledge and training courses; organizing regular membership appreciation activity, will one day as a member of a free open day and so on. Timely close the distance between members and the store, increase the trust of members of the store.

children’s swimming pool is from a branch of maternal industry market segmentation of the need for specific populations through targeted marketing in the promotion process, psychological characteristics and focus on the needs of parents of children aged 0-6 years, emphasize their own professional orientation, focus of the target population, focus prominent advantages, different from competitors, store packaging, theme image and theme of advertisement, and form a unified caliber external communication.

maternal and infant industry is a huge wealth cake, attracting a lot of attention to investment businesses. How to open a profitable children’s swimming pool to join the brand shop, as investment businesses also need to understand the customer needs, marketing, to attract and retain consumers. Several aspects of the above summary, hoping to provide some reference and help for investors.

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