3 15 nternational Consumer Rights Day promotional activities colorful

identify true and false, knowledge propaganda, on-site complaints…… In March 15th, Qinghai Province Administration of industry and Commerce Administration Bureau, the Consumer Association of Qinghai Province, Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce, Xining City Consumers Association held a rich and colorful "3· 2015 Memorial Plaza in downtown Xining; 15 International Consumer Rights Day" propaganda service activities.
in the side of the people’s Bank of Chinese booth before passing to the public inquiry, the original bank staff holding 100 yuan of genuine currency, teach people how to accurately identify the authenticity of grandma, 65 year old Zhang told reporters: "I want to listen to how to identify the Yuan’s true, the last time in the fruit stalls to buy things for me is fake money, did not find the back, really annoying. Today’s propaganda is just to give us a lot of knowledge, beware of deception."

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