My judicial reform at the forefront of the country

post reform completed, the basic implementation of judicial accountability, occupation guarantee system and constantly improve the property of the provincial unified management mechanism reform is fully established, and made great achievements, there have been 15 provinces in our province to "learn", the basic realization of the Central Committee’s efforts to create a replicable experience, the results can be generalized, high standards and high quality completion of the reform task, the pilot of the work at the forefront of the country. This is my judicial reform pilot for nearly three years to produce transcripts.

reporter in January 5th from the pilot work of justice system reform coordination group office to understand, in the reform of the judicial system and the full implementation of the "ice breaking" process, the province’s focus on the four reform tasks, efforts to solve problems, reflect the characteristics of Qinghai, to explore the underdeveloped areas to promote judicial reform path, combined with the actual Qinghai research put forward some of the institutional innovation and reform suggestion, has been fully affirmed and praised the central political and law commission.

it is understood that in our province according to the actual regional differences, correctly handle the "have" and "excellent quality", "innovation method to determine posts, using method of proportional quota system based, supplemented by" prosecutors for the judge to determine the amount; college level possible leaders and judges and prosecutors for the specified posts, the first pilot unit leader of the Institute will not enter the first batch of judges prosecutors amount, and the provisions of the leadership in the amount must be in accordance with the unified assessment procedures and standards, and ensure fairness embodies the selection work; for the province’s minority population accounted for relatively large and the court’s Procuratorate bilingual talent shortage of the actual. The national language translators increased in the judicial support staff, protection of minority litigation rights of people involved in litigation; the overall quality is not high Established, is different from the ordinary civil servants recruiting system, according to the professional requirements of unified recruiting; in order to solve the problem before the reform of judges prosecutors selection of single channel, the introduction of recruiting methods, from the province’s outstanding lawyers and legal scholars preferred in recruiting the 2 judges, to become a pilot provinces after Shanghai national second carry out this work. And through recruiting judges prosecutors from the social channel professionals preferred; in some area, small population, small number of cases, the judicial resources are relatively idle, the establishment of cross regional court, procuratorate reform work and carry out the pilot work of establishing the mobile services, and has made substantial progress.


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