The Hexi corridor to Xining under the size of sandstorm

"It’s raining all the vehicles." Yesterday, a seemingly ordinary rain has aroused public concern. The public found that falling on the glass, the rain on the leaves turned into mud ideas, parked in the outdoor car has become a spot dog". Meteorological experts, Hexi Corridor is the sandstorm weather to Xining under the "mud rain".

the car became "spotted dog"

– a lens: residential area

– scene two: outdoor parking lotIt’s

major urban car wash busy awfully, waiting vehicle car with a thin layer of ash. "I just wash the car yesterday, in the morning to see, the car is more dirty than before washing." Ms. Xie said, the car was rain and got dirty, is going to attend an important meeting this afternoon, is "no face", she got 3 car wash, each lined up, other people anxious.

"early in the morning, someone to wash the car door." The owner of the car wash Wu said that the day to wash the car more than usual doubled, the workers have been busy until lunch in the afternoon.

West sandstorm "mud rain"

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