New family planning pilot project started

Provincial Health Planning Commission according to the requirements of the country, in our city west district, East Sea City Ping An county to start the implementation of the "new family planning family development ability construction project" pilot work, in order to constantly improve the ability of family development. The pilot project implementation required to achieve four goals: family members health increase awareness of self-care ability improved significantly, significantly improve health literacy; infant family scientific parenting knowledge popularization rate increased significantly; the elderly family in the elderly health management, health promotion and health care, and other aspects of daily zunlaoaiyou, increased significantly; the equality of men and women family virtue has been developed, the family more harmonious community, environment optimization. Project area (county) to meet the needs of local families to meet the actual needs of the relevant activities, including family health, child care, family care and family culture and other activities. The project is divided into four stages. This year to start the pilot phase of the pilot project to the village, the community to provide training and service activities for the family. Next year to 2016 is to further promote the stage, the project area (county) around the project objectives, to carry out in-depth training and theme service activities. 2017 to 2019 for a comprehensive deepening stage, according to the national health and Family Planning Commission, in conjunction with the actual expansion of the pilot projects in other cities gradually expand the scope of training and services.  

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