Xining City the year five did not meet the index has been improved

In August 21st, a reporter from the Xining headquarters office 2012 year joint meeting was informed that, as an important step in the construction of life of the city, happy city, the city attaches great importance to the work of various departments to promote the model, a model of the work, 5 indicators, 26 indicators currently remaining city sewage treatment rate, the key pollutant emission of industrial enterprises the safe disposal of hazardous waste, etc. there is no standard, our city is pushing the substandard indicators, to ensure that the objectives and tasks to promote.

to improve the urban sewage centralized treatment rate. In the first half, the sewage treatment plant running smoothly, management norms, the city has a total of 34 million 44 thousand tons of sewage treatment, sewage treatment rate of up to 90%. At present, standard transformation preliminary work is being done in the first and second sewage treatment plants in our city; the construction of daily processing of city sludge harmless treatment and resource utilization of the project EIA, 240 tons of research, site selection and other preliminary formalities have been completed; from the beginning of March this year, I resumed construction of reclaimed water in a project.

strives to improve river water quality. The water quality of the environment compared to the same period in 2011 has increased dramatically, which exceed the standard fault number decreased by 5, 11 countries, provincial control sections 10 compliance, initially appeared in Huangshui River Basin water pollution in Xining section of governance effect, Xiaoxia water quality reached IV water standards. In order to promote the indicators, our city sewage sewer plan at the end of August completed 115 sewage outfall of governance; to continue to carry out the sewage pumping station construction, Ning lake north shore, Nanchuan Industrial Park in early July have been completed and put into trial operation, the Dongchuan Industrial Park sewage pumping station is expected to be completed in August put into use after vigorously; the implementation of sand resources clean-up, shut down illegal mining washing Sunaba 208; carry out investigation work of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city area, the 448 small and medium-sized enterprises in environmental management, standardize enterprise behavior of sewage; shutting down the Huangshui River (Xining section) of the small hydropower station; small rivers, will not classified as water function zoning in our city ditch the canal, to conduct a comprehensive investigation.

– effective disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with law. My city in the first half of 72 million 250 thousand yuan investment, a total of 21 tons of chromium slag disposal history; speeding up the implementation of the "two wastes" center project, has completed the preparatory work of natural gas pipeline project, comprehensive laboratory building and incineration plant foundation excavation; hazardous waste management work into the focus of assessment objectives for management standard, there is a risk of contamination of enterprises promptly issued a deadline or rectification.

strict control of key industrial enterprises pollutant emissions. The pollutant emissions of key industrial enterprises of the strict examination, of which exceed the standard discharge of major pollutants, environmental management, evaluation standards of the enterprise promptly issued the task of governance, and 24 hours of on-line monitoring of key industrial enterprises; strict emission permits for audit, does not meet the requirements of an enterprise shall not handle the rate.

vigorously improve public satisfaction with environmental protection. Through the media publicity, carry out various forms of promotional activities, improve the public awareness of the work of creating;

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