Heating subsidies for the difficulties of the masses from now on

Due to natural gas price adjustment, the city central heating prices also increased. In order to reduce the cost of heating up the burden on the city to bring difficulties to the masses of the family, the provincial government in recent days to raise the standard of subsistence allowances for urban low-income families in winter, an increase of 400 yuan per household. In order to protect the difficulties of the masses of the family living standards are not affected, after the study, the city decided to provide home heating subsidies for needy families in the city. From today onwards.

issued for city low income families, low city destitute families, in the city residents of urban and rural pension insurance.

1, improve the city low winter home heating subsidies. In accordance with the provincial government for the urban subsistence allowances per household increased by 400 yuan in winter heating subsidies, the District of the three objects of the family raised from $1200 to $800; general subsistence allowances increased from $550 to $950. Three counties "three objects" family increased from 600 yuan to $1000; general subsistence families increased from $750 to $350.


1, city rural families and the city low destitute families, by the Civil Affairs Bureau of the district according to the city residents in September on the number of households, according to the low premium payment channels through bank loans.

2, in urban and rural pension insurance of city residents, more than 60 years of age to receive pension benefits through the Provincial Social Security Bureau issued pension information system, 16-59 years to pay the insured person issued by the community.  

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