Xining city water supply pipeline water supply adequate water quality

Xining tap water supply pipeline has reached 757 kilometers, the water supply area of up to 71 square kilometers, adequate water supply, water quality.

Xining water supply and Drainage Department Director Ma Benqing:


in recent years, the expansion project of Xining old city transformation and the new city continues to promote the construction of the new city of Dongchuan Industrial Park, South District, biological industrial park, Gan River Industrial Park, Chaoyang logistics park, Lake District, Xining city water supply is increasing. In order to meet the water demand in these areas, this year, Xining invested more than one hundred million yuan, the construction of water infrastructure, laying water pipes more than and 100 km. At the same time, the city water supply department has also on the East Street, Lake Road, Chaoyang Park, children’s Park, Jianguo Road, including the more than and 10 water supply pipeline for the new and expansion.

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Ma Benqing said, in the old and new city of Xining expansion project driven by the end of 2008, the water supply pipeline has reached 757 kilometers, the water supply area of up to 71 square kilometers. In addition, the existing water sources in Xining 7, water 3, in addition to the seventh water sources for surface water, the rest are all groundwater. According to the provincial government to protect the groundwater, underground water conservation spirit, water supply in the city of Xining is mainly composed of fifth, sixth and seventh respectively in water supply, water for DOPA DOPA Huangzhong County town and the nearby factories and rural water supply, the other three or four water, as the provincial capital city emergency backup water source, ensure water supply demand. Now, Xining daily water supply is not only adequate, but also good water quality.


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