nvestment in Xining this year 4 billion 300 million gold and silver cooked livelihood feast

has been the Xining municipal government has always attached great importance to people’s livelihood, the people of all ethnic groups will conform to the new longing for a better life as attention and improve the livelihood of the starting point and end point, sincerely for the city people to do practical, problem-solving things, good things. This year, the city will continue to hold the bottom line, focused, improve the system, and guide public opinion "requirement, do its utmost to accelerate the improvement of people’s livelihood" expansion ", to allow people to live a better life. January 28th, the reporter learned from the municipal government, this year, Xining will invest 4 billion 305 million 520 thousand yuan for the city’s people do 10 major categories of livelihood issues of the class of 58.

feast a

key words: new rural construction

[practical menu]

1 continue to implement the military enterprises build a model village project.

2 implementation of the new rural greening projects in 50 villages.

3 new village level integrated service centers and 6 rural renewable resources recycling outlets in.

4 focus on leading enterprises in the construction of agricultural products and other aspects of support, to support the farmers cooperatives 19.

5 implementation of the new countryside, the construction of the "focus of the three" and the relocation of poverty alleviation and relocation of the village, the implementation of the poverty alleviation and development of the entire village of 70 villages to promote poverty alleviation projects and contiguous poor areas in.

6 the implementation of agricultural technology promotion and seed project 13, covering 160 thousand acres of the cultivation technology promotion film, to promote soil testing and fertilizer fertilization of 200 thousand acres, 10 thousand acres of vegetable garden to create standards, payment of farm machinery purchase subsidy.

7 new rural household biogas digesters 1500, service outlets in 8.

The implementation of

8 in the spring of artificial precipitation and three county hail suppression station project.

9 implementation of rural environment contiguous remediation project.

10 to build a 200 km of rural roads and rural roads and bridges in the 20.

11 to solve the problem of drinking water safety of the people, improve the irrigated area of 50 thousand acres of farmland, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers to control the area of 50 thousand.

feast two

Keywords: urban infrastructure construction

[practical menu]

The implementation of

12 Road extension, and Bowen Road West Road engineering.

13 to complete the existing building energy saving project of 500 thousand square meters.

14 implementation of the city’s 20 single building lighting and part of the attractions, block lighting project.

15 in the city to build a new public toilet 10.

16 to continue the implementation of the traffic transfer hub center, parking lot, pedestrian overpass, intersection channelization and signal optimization timing and other smooth traffic project construction.


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