Xining Public Security Bureau Traffic Police destroyed a use cans fraud Gang

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Bureau plainclothes brigade successfully destroyed a use cans fraud criminal gangs and arrested 6 suspects, uncovered 14 cases of fraud, the economic losses of six thousand yuan.


January this year, the implementation of a pop fraud in Xining, Lanzhou and other places on the long-distance bus Gang into plainclothes police brigade investigation, in order to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property are not violated, to crack down on such crimes, traffic bureau plainclothes battalion squadron of police after more than a month careful investigation, to master a lot of evidence, decisive attack, in June 6th in Xining by a long-distance bus to Linxia, is implementing the crime of fraud can ma, Zhao and other six gang members were arrested.

after the review, the gang members on 2009 in Xining, a number of times since the month sent to Lanzhou and other places on the long-distance bus using counterfeit winning Pepsi cans for fraud confessed to the crime.


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