14 million 500 thousand fund for the first time into the community

I made great efforts to strengthen the grass-roots level to protect and enact legislation to change the effect of "outstanding problems of base construction, according to the present situation of the community itself lack of resources, heavy workload, lack of funds to serve the masses, the Party Organization Department, civil affairs, finance organization and the county District Department in the full study based research on docking, according to the practical needs of the construction of community service-oriented grassroots party organizations, for the first time in the city’s 145 communities each year implementation of the service of the masses 100 thousand yuan of special funds, totaling 14 million 500 thousand yuan per year, to further enhance the level of community service people.
it is reported that the special funds mainly for the community to do practical things for the people of good, city and district (county) level two by 3: 7 ratio of supporting security, to ensure that the special funds of each community to serve the people of not less than 100 thousand yuan. The specific use of special funds for building services, including mass activities, service team construction, service facilities and other services for the community members and the masses urgent, and clearly the community office expenses, staff wages, award (s) costs, the government has put funding arrangements for community construction by financial or other channels payment issues shall be disbursed from the special funds in the service of the masses, the masses to ensure that the service special funds in the hearts of the masses.

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