Developing nature reserve management and protection training classes in Xining

In August 29th, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Department of Commerce, International Economic Cooperation Promotion Center hosted the developing nature reserve management and protection training classes in Xining, Cuba, South Africa, Burma and other countries of the environmental management officials and experts to participate in the training.

assistance to human resources training program is an important measure for China to help developing countries to train personnel and professional and technical personnel. Since 2006, our province for 8 consecutive years has hosted the human resources training class, from Africa, Oceania, South America, Asia and Eastern Europe 272 officials and technical personnel to provide professional training, by the praise. According to reports, the training for a period of 28 days, the seminar will invite professors and experts take classroom teaching and on-the-spot investigation and study exchange nature reserve management practices, soil fertility evaluation, nature reserve nature reserve wild animal epidemic disease prevention and control and monitoring and evaluation and other aspects, let students have a more comprehensive understanding of the protection and management of modern China natural region, a better understanding of the knowledge, in order to become more efficient in dealing with matters, to further promote the friendly cooperation between the two sides. (author: Xing Manyu)


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