Changjiang Road Xining city UCC coffee invoice received a ticket

"UCC coffee" refused to invoice to consumers, by consumer complaints, in December 29th by the City District Local Taxation Bureau fined 500 yuan.

the evening of December 25th, Ms. Zhang and colleagues came to have a line of 6 people located in the Yangtze River Road, UBC coffee consumption, go out at the checkout, the bar waiter said Ms. Zhang a pedestrian total consumption of 220 yuan per night, but must be the minimum consumption of 40 yuan, the consumer is not up to the minimum consumption is charged according to the minimum consumption standard so, Ms. Zhang payable 240 yuan. When Ms. Zhang asked bar waiter and provide the invoice, the waiter said no invoice, her purchase invoices in tax bureau when did not receive, and from a drawer and took out a stack of old invoices for Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang refused repeated requests for it, finally to owe the ticket receipts, "UCC coffee" this kind of service attitude to Ms. Zhang and colleagues angry.

in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of a consumer, in December 28th, Ms. Zhang told the hotline to talk about their experiences. The reporter interviewed the matter, causing the City District Local Taxation Bureau attention, immediately arrange West Street rent office site investigation, reporter learned tracking interview, "UCC coffee" in December 23rd 50 invoices, as of the evening of December 28th, there are 5 invoices issued, does not exist without invoice, do not provide invoices to consumers, the purpose is tax evasion, this is my city, a common tax evasion behavior.

December 29th, the Local Taxation Bureau in accordance with the "Qinghai province invoice violation penalty decision", as long as the consumer, regardless of size, as operators should provide accurate invoice, shall not be any reason to refuse invoice, which imposed a fine of 500 yuan UBC coffee.


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