Domestic and foreign well known enterprises focus on Qinghai

June 17th, 2015 Green Fair Investment Experience Exchange Conference held. The relevant units in the province and outside the relevant work on the development of investment and the main experience of the exchange of speeches.

this green fair industrial investment projects to further optimize, new energy, new materials, light industry and other characteristics of the project has become a hot spot. Wind energy, solar energy, lithium industry, new energy industry investment heat unabated. Saline Lake resources, non-ferrous metallurgy, industrial chain supporting projects continue to gather in our province. Around the plateau characteristics, biological resources, bio pharmaceutical and other light industry continued to be concerned. Further improve the new energy industry chain, the development of new energy applications diversified.

this Green Fair Projects in emerging industries showing growth, high-tech research and development platform for the project to achieve a breakthrough. In addition, the leading role of large enterprises to highlight the investment project has become a major feature of the current green fair.

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