Xining public institutions continue to improve the level of energy saving

with the "broken insulation window" to replace the office building glass curtain wall, to prevent light pollution; set public drinking water district in the office building, reduce the departments of the drinking machine heating frequency, and recycling of waste water filtered drinking water machine; promote the use of energy-saving LED lights, with sound and light controlled solar and energy-saving lamps…… The day before, Xining City Administration (Xining city public institutions energy saving work leading group) in our city the county public institutions such as the supervision and inspection work, from the energy saving the county public institutions and public buildings can be seen, the energy efficiency of public institutions in Xining are also rising.

inspection team and his party through a forum, access to information, field view, a comprehensive understanding of the city’s public institutions to carry out the work of energy conservation. Through the inspection, the inspection team believes the county in the consolidation mechanism of energy-saving work in depth implementation of the "People’s Republic of China energy conservation" and "public institutions energy saving regulations", improve the system, and regularly held a meeting to study the deployment of energy-saving work of public institutions. To carry out the work of energy-saving energy-saving publicity and education activities in various forms, rich in content, advocate the cadres and workers to save every drop of water, each unit of electricity, do at any time to turn off the lights, put an end to "light" and "white light", "the production and installation of water saving, electricity saving" reminder cards for cadres and workers the energy-saving awareness has been greatly improved, in order to promote the whole society to join the ranks of saving energy. At the same time, the inspection team also public institutions for the deficiencies and problems of individual energy conservation work and put forward reasonable suggestions and rectification requirements on energy management standardization of public institutions to promote and strengthen the public sector energy consumption statistics, public agencies regulate energy use behavior, give full play to the exemplary role of public institutions in the whole society is important in energy saving meaning.


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