Xining started the comprehensive improvement of the environment hundred days of action to promote th

to improve the living environment, and further optimize the tourism environment, enhance the "xiadou Xining" brand attraction, influence and reputation, make people satisfied with the life of the city, the city of happiness, from April 1st to July 10th, Xining will use 100 days of time, carried out the appearance and environmental remediation action to environmental remediation, the city and village governance order environmental management, environmental remediation of the main scenic spot. Will be the primary and secondary roads, back alleys, residential quarters, bazaars, construction sites, river waters, green parks, tourist attractions, etc. to carry out a comprehensive clean-up regulation.

Comprehensive rectification action

the city environment will carry out environmental remediation actions, the resident building, bazaars, Beijiexiaoxiang, urban high, construction sites and public health as the focus of the assessment. To strengthen the comprehensive management of food safety, combined with the "table pollution rectification work, focus on the supervision of food production and processing, market circulation and catering services, centralized regulation of rural, urban high school, and the surrounding, small workshops, small vendors, food processing and primary construction site canteen, tourist attractions and other fields the problem, promptly eliminate safety hazards.

to carry out city order rectification action, increase the environmental sanitation management assessment efforts, grasp the city primary and secondary roads, street lanes and stations, airports and other key areas, key industries environmental remediation; increase urban and rural garbage collection, transport and disposal facilities, garbage removal rate reached 100%. Comprehensive renovation of poles, bridge, overpass, building (wall), light boxes, car and other outdoor advertising and outdoor mobile promotional activities; urged shops and stores owners renovation of old damage, there are security risks door plaque. Investigate Jeeves, flow management, shop management behavior, car repair, car washing and banning Lane vehicle decoration and other illegal acts. Focus on the removal of chaos posted, indiscriminate spraying, random depiction, random brush to write things, regulate the residential area of public information dissemination channels to improve the community environment.

at the same time, to carry out landscaping to enhance action, municipal facilities remediation action, building facade renovation action, environmental pollution control action, village environmental management action, scenic remediation action.

in addition, will also increase the comprehensive improvement of Xining city exit along the traffic environment, Xining city exit traffic construction along with "traffic, landscape, ecological green line" three major functions of the modern landscape corridors, and along with the towns and villages, farmland, forest land to form a composite network the ecological system of harmonious and efficient, ecological and sustainable ". The scope of regulation to the downtown area of Xining city in the four corners of the world in four directions city exit traffic along the East "Airport Expressway (Xining section)" small gap, West to "West Huang expressway" Riyue mountain scenic area, South Dakota "rather expensive high-speed" Lajishan mountain tunnel entrance, north of the "Ning Dagao speed" and "North pass Nanjing high speed" in the countryside of mutual assistance.

the comprehensive renovation of the city’s environment is divided into the focus of remediation stage from April 1st to April 30th, improve the standard phase from May 1st to June 15th;

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