Xining west station police station to strengthen public security prevention and control

During the Spring Festival to maintain the safety and stability of railway transportation, to ensure the safe transportation, Xining Railway Police Department of Xining west police station closely combined with the area of railway security practice, take a number of measures, careful organization and deployment, focus on three basic work, build security line "Easy Access".

is a check visits to the area, line tunnel, culverts, bridges and other key facilities to carry out uninterrupted, timely find and eliminate hidden dangers; two is to strengthen the supervision of the jurisdiction of the railway crossing, and effectively prevent the railway traffic accidents; three is the area to carry out legal education, strengthen the the people’s consciousness of love road. As of now, the Institute has more than 300 km of line inspection, inventory acquisition of scrap metal site 15; has 15 villages and communities of farmers and herdsmen and the students to carry out a way of legal publicity and education 18 times, posted a notice of more than 70 pieces, all kinds of publicity materials issued more than 6000 copies, education of the masses more than 1 people. (author: Ju Kehui)


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