Xining innovative ideas to expand the thirteen

November 6th, Xining two education layout of key projects in Xining in the thirteen expansion project started, this is my city ice pen solve urban school renovation and expansion of land difficult problem, there is a great demonstration significance, will effectively resolve the city school buildings and land difficult problem of the expansion.

school buildings are urgently needed to expand the

at present, covering a population of thirteen school district is about 4 million people, the calculation should be about 1800 students in the school according to the number of the population, but the school is currently in the large case can only accommodate 1373 students, the school existing class number and function, far can not meet the requirements of students and teaching, and the school of the classroom the number of students can only meet the number of classes, no other functions of the classroom, the teacher’s office shortage, unable to carry out extensive teaching activities. At the same time, the existing school buildings near the main road of Qilian and Qinghai Tibet railway line, the noise is very large, seriously affecting the normal education and teaching.

In addition

, identified by the relevant departments, the school administrative office building, teaching building, East West Building and outdoor water closet as class C dangerous, other buildings are B level dangerous, inconsistent with the current seismic code requirements, the main building has been used for 40 years, close to life, with no fixed value. The proposed demolition and reconstruction.

high land acquisition costs to the underground space

to solve the contradiction of land acquisition is difficult and the school expansion, according to the "national long-term education reform and development plan" in the "reform and innovation is the fundamental force of educational development in the spirit of this year, the City Board of education, innovative ideas, in the air and underground space, planning departments repeated discussion and Research on the planning and design, and ultimately determine the thirteen extension to the construction of underground space to.

It is reported that

, thirteen expansion project total investment of 114 million yuan, the project covers an area of 17827 square meters, total construction area of 23767.70 square meters, the building area of 17168.98 square meters on the ground, including the construction of new teaching building, the new boiler room, the new guard room, new gymnasium, 200 meter circular motion field; underground buildings including parking lot and teaching function room etc..

After the completion of the

project, the school area will reach 23000 square meters, construction area will increase by 14000 square meters, the size of the school will reach a total of 36 classes, the number of people. The school as the "health education" reform school, the function of classroom and sound equipment, the school will be better to carry out the "health education" to create favorable conditions to lay the material foundation for the development of school education and teaching work. In addition, the university student building area increased by approximately doubled, increasing the student learning activities, space. (author: Dezhou)

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