The base is expected to open this summer

, a reporter from the Qinghai national sports training base of DOPA plateau to the base of the multifunctional hall will conduct a comprehensive transformation, expansion into the hall, and strive to open this summer, the reception of athletes and skating enthusiasts to come to the training base.

Qinghai national sports training base of Toba plateau skating museum director Liu Xinghai introduction, a total construction area of 3052 square meters, the main building of 2718 square meters of ice, can accommodate 300 audience seats.

according to reports, this year, the ice skating hall building repair equipment storage room, freezer room, pool, ice snowmelt fence. At the same time the construction of the ice cooling system, ice and snow melting system floor antifreeze spray system, heating and ventilation system etc..

Qinghai national plateau sports training base is located in Huang Zhongxian, Qinghai, 2338 meters above sea level, is China’s highest altitude, the largest area, the most suitable for endurance training of national plateau sports base.


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