Xining organizations to carry out the activities of the people to celebrate the eighteen celebration

November 6th, the Xining municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department organized a celebration of the eighteen, Acura good policy, praise the new life, people preaching activities. In the perspective of people are preachers, the language of the masses, the story happened in the side of the story, to publicize the party’s policies, and further consolidate the people’s great love the party, love the great motherland, building a better home round common ideological foundation.

to participate in the activities of the 12 member of the team has cadres, teachers, medical workers, retired cadres and village (community) staff, they through recalling history, achievements, changes, then talk about feelings, since the highlights of the 17th Party Congress, the benefits of all walks of life, the brilliant achievements of the party’s good policy for the masses to bring the life of the people and the great change happened. They to ordinary people’s identity, with vivid and simple language, tell the people around, things around, around, with sincere feelings about the most memorable moment, the most touching things, to express the most profound insights, eagerly looking forward to the party’s eighteen big victory held the joy of love, love the Party Express then, listen to the party, follow the party’s true feelings, sing the Communist Party and socialism, the reform and opening up, the great motherland is good and the people of all ethnic groups in the main theme of the times. At the same time, preaching personnel in plain view, people’s discourse about experience, kiss, kiss for vivid story, happy new life praise, praise the party’s policy of benefiting people, enhance awareness of rationality, social cohesion and consensus, to lead the public to better unify their thinking to the decisions and arrangements of the party and the government. The eighteen Action Party held to celebrate the victory. (author: Su Jianping)

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