Sea Lake Road the wholesale market a vicious gang was successfully destroyed

7 16, with the arrest of a criminal suspect, such as the arrest of a person, a sea lake road, a comprehensive wholesale market, endangering the security of the market, the economic order of the evil forces were successfully destroyed by the public security organs of the group of 4.

in the evening of March 29th this year, the Sea Lake Road, a comprehensive wholesale market occurred in the case of household goods were robbed. In the subsequent investigation, the police found in the market there are a number of businesses that have been threatened and robbed goods experience, but because of the household business field to Ning business, often resentment. Understanding of this situation, the police immediately organized the police, a wide range of individual businesses to launch the market, a wide source of clues to carry out visits. Through visits, a Anhui based groups gradually surfaced. After 3 consecutive months of work, in July 16th, the public security organs will be a major member of the black evil forces Cheng, pan and other people arrested by the trial, but also cracked more than 4 cases of robbery and theft cases from the beginning of the trial, and more than 10 cases.

at present, the suspect has been under criminal detention according to law. It is understood that the public security organs in the investigation, but also with the management of the market in the management of the owners to carry out legal publicity and remediation work, making the market order and management order has been greatly improved.


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