Xining police successfully cracked the case value of 100 thousand yuan counterfeit case suspects arr

after nearly a month of investigation, in September 3rd, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment cracked the case of selling counterfeit money, criminal suspects

a captured, seized counterfeit 10 yuan.

at the end of August, Interpol detachment for clues: some people carry a counterfeit money from Guangzhou, for sale in Xining. After police investigation eventually locked the crime

suspects. September 3rd afternoon, Ma was arrested in the transaction, the police were seized on the spot fake RMB 10 yuan. Under questioning, the suspect

Ma confessed that in June this year, he went to Guangzhou, spent 6500 yuan in the local railway station to buy a face value of 100 thousand yuan counterfeit money, want to sell at high prices in Xining, earn

take profits. According to police investigators, the face value of counterfeit coins are seized 100 yuan, a high degree of simulation, the general public, such as not very easy to fall asleep, this

some counterfeit money once the circulation to the community, great harm, counterfeit money is more harm to identify relatively weak farmers and herdsmen and low-income ordinary citizens

. Police will increase the sale of counterfeit money crimes crackdown, maintaining the normal financial order, but also to remind the public to strengthen prevention, master more knowledge

don’t counterfeit knowledge.


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