Xining Municipal Health Bureau held a seminar on women’s health knowledge

"do you care about your body?" In the evening still insomnia?" To establish a new concept of health to guide the majority of women, creating a new image, advocating new life, create the new achievement, March 8th, Xining Municipal State Taxation Bureau held to celebrate "38" new women, new life, etiquette, health lectures. A special invitation to Qinghai province director of Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of the Red Cross Wang Liehong, around the common disease of women self inspection and protection knowledge, women in the tax work in the image of etiquette and healthy life, to do a report vivid and exciting for the tax system the majority of female friends. Its unique insights and easy to understand reports won the applause of the participants. All of this form to celebrate "38" activities gave a high evaluation, said it will work in the future, continue to carry forward the dedication, uplifting, positive enterprising spirit, heavy responsibilities, do a good job in the "sky", do a good job in the family "backbone", return to the organization of care.


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