Fine David dough to join the market Unlimited Business Opportunities good

in our life, there is always a demand for food. How fine David dough? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, join the selection is also very advantageous! Quality projects, it is worth choosing!

is Hanzhoung cold noodle dough, many places also called hot rice. Seasons throughout the year, people love to eat bread. In the cold noodle birthplace – Hanzhoung Chenggu, David fine pastry sell most fire, the reason is the dough many varieties, the taste is really very unique


"Jing Wei Wang cold noodle" there are mainly three kinds of flavor. The first is suitable for spicy Hanzhoung and Sichuan and other regions; the second is Xi’an and the northern area like hot and sour taste; the third is suitable for sweet flavor in South area.

"Jing Wei Wang cold noodle" innovation various tastes hot dough, won the new and old cold noodle more loyal diners favor, which is "fine David cold noodle" is different from other store management features! It not only business is hot, also attracted a lot of students join, come to visit and study. They are not only the importance of fine David variety of cold noodle varieties, more important is the essence of King David and constant innovation of excellent taste, this is also the essence of King David has long been the most confident.

nutrition rice dough

addition, fine taste also has good

brand influence yo!

in 2012, was named the integrity of the association of Shaanxi, the integrity of the operating model shop".

2013, Hanzhoung cold noodle Association as "Hanzhoung dough ten most investment value of the brand".

2014, was named "Hanzhoung Top Ten Star cold noodle catering industry enterprise of Hanzhoung municipal government of Shaanxi Province, after winning the Hanzhoung TV publicity repeatedly.

2015, was selected in "Shaanxi TV shooting Hanzhoung cold noodle" show delicacy in the shop, after the county named "civilized demonstration cold noodle shop", also on behalf of the Hanzhoung Hanzhoung shooting the documentary "Chenggu dough flavor" in the province to play in.

healthy and delicious food, always very attractive to consumers. So, successful entrepreneurs to choose to join the fine David dough?

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