2016 hot run Lujiazui white collar health run


of modern life, although our living standard has been greatly satisfied, but the mental health of people is more and more problems, so in life running as an effective aerobic exercise was greatly promoted and popularized, become the unanimous choice of many white collar. In October 22nd, nearly a thousand Lujiazui financial city white-collar workers in Ning Zetao and the swimmer finish warm-up after the interaction of the most beautiful city in the rain along the trail, Binjiang Avenue opened 10 kilometres of running.

the "2016 hot run Lujiazui" and the tenth session of the Lujiazui City Cultural Festival "white-collar health run", by China (Shanghai) free trade zone, Lujiazui Management Bureau, Shanghai China financial information center, Lujiazui (Group) Co sponsored, such as (Chinese) jointly sponsored by the daily health products Co. ltd.. Binjiang Pudong development and Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and the Lujiazui Financial Trade Zone Building Association as a support unit.

it is reported that Lujiazui city has become the most intensive financial institutions, the most complete, the most concentrated market capital distribution function is one of the regions, brought together a large number of knowledge, science and technology, financial practitioners, their educational background, life style and consumption structure put forward higher requirements on the human environment and culture experience. The 2016 hot running Lujiazui event is one of the important activities of the Lujiazui Cultural Festival of the city of finance, the beginning of the registration of the city received a warm pursuit of employees in the tenth.

in life actively held wholesome activities is very necessary, which not only can effectively improve the sub-health state of mind, but also conducive to the sustainable development of the health of the body and their. The reporter learned that, with the East Bank of the Huangpu River through, from Xupu to Yangpu 21 kilometers, will be equipped with specially designed for "half horse" in the future planning of the road running, this trail will be more and more long, the main event and "hot run Lujiazui" is this trail, to further enrich the Lujiazui financial city white-collar leisure life Lujiazui City, continue to build a cultural brand, show the diversity of Lujiazui city culture.

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