A public record space to stimulate more entrepreneurial spark

this year, the city of Tianjin for creating a series of public record space, using the platform model to help Tianjin entrepreneurs smooth career path. A Tianjin city public record space is Liufang numerous entrepreneurial platform, just a few months to help dozens of entrepreneurial projects to attract investment.

Tianjin multi-creation Liufang space inaugurated in July this year, is the first by the village level organizations to invest in the construction of public record space. It combines the advantages of Internet technology and talent in Colleges and universities, just over 4 months time to gather a lot of innovative entrepreneurial talent and high-tech projects, creating a platform for the rapid development of customers. As of now, the public record in the space Liufang entrepreneurial team 20, 18 enterprises, involving the Internet industry accounted for more than half, to attract investment of more than 800 yuan.

Liufang public record not only for space incubated enterprises provide space and resources of the office and other hardware facilities, but also provide the normal operation of personnel, legal, financial and other enterprises related services. There is still a lot of experience in the creation of the mentor mentor, entrepreneurial team and its guidance. In Liufang public record space, Liu Jie and his team continue to expand the scope of business, focus on R & D products, embarked on the road of innovation and development.

is located on the bridge street Aviation Industrial Park, adjacent to the Civil Aviation University of China told the public record, with excellent geographical location, often held roadshows, exchanges and other activities, to provide a good environment for the development of a customer. Not long ago, a space held roadshow in Liufang congregation Wang Xinxing fruit, and get 160 thousand yuan investment project.

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