How to do business backlog

said the business people, and now many people see only the surface of the scenery, do not know, do business in fact bear a lot of pressure, first of all, the backlog of funds is not an ordinary person can afford. A lot of people look at other people to do business, only to make money, the warehouse, the goods, but I do not know a lot of people to earn money to earn a warehouse inventory. Almost every trade, retail, online shopping groups will encounter inventory problems. So, how to do this kind of cargo backlog? How to solve it?

order on demand.

usually does so passively, because it is impossible to accurately estimate the market demand. If you need to order is in accordance with the previous year or the previous quarter, invoicing. For example, sales in January was five hundred thousand, and there is a trend of increasing demand next month, please order the amount of 700 thousand.

first time cost principle.

a batch of goods as long as the cost of the back that even if the profit, inventory, please reduce the price, this is the money you earn.

improve product competitiveness.

at the same time to upgrade the quality and reasonable price, spend the appropriate promotion costs.

maintain good old customers.

the purchasing power of the old customer accounts for fifty percent of your sales. A shipment of goods, quickly out of half, reducing the possibility of inventory.

split the stock out.

cooperate with your customers to sell the goods and then get the money, you will only maximize the inventory of the diversion of the show has been cleared off the possibility of buying.



with a part of the old goods sold.


in front of the mall or crowded the square office rent stalls, a tent at a week, the effect will be very good, but you must be willing to bid.

never leap.

do business is really good to make money, earn money people have a kind of smug, blind expansion, irrational order. It is extremely dangerous to order more than you sold last month without expanding the sales network.

follow the principle of "step by step".


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