Encounter difficult customers may move

said that although for a any business people will hope that every customer meet will show common however such desire, is actually very difficult to achieve. In the management, will encounter the "difficult" not to trust you, not doubt your goods of good quality, high price is suspected, in this regard, I will patiently enlighten detailed explanation, move with Xiao, keep off center with sincerity.

Last week

, a customer "nothing out of thin air pick": why do you shop goods than other stores sell expensive? I answer: how is it possible? First of all, this is my shop with their own housing facade to do, just a simple painting and did not hire a salesperson (first save a lot of money on rent, renovation, salaries and other expenses), lower than the supermarkets, will naturally sell relatively cheap. Two, I shop is mainly in the wholesale, a lot of Village Bay shop from my shop stock, if I have a higher price, not a good reputation in the outside, people can come to me this delivery?

three, is a big supermarket next door neighbours, I did not account for the location of the shop, if not by "repeat" care shops to run now? The "123", the customer then some heart, "I continue to stir the wind": as long as I shop customers, I will write a receipt, I will write in writing: customers can enjoy the return receipt by the right.

for example, I shop the sale price of the commodity is a town of a sales price higher than 0.5 yuan, you can ask me to refund the overcharged 0.5 yuan, "if I don’t have the ability to refund, you can request unconditional return. If you are afraid that I can’t keep my promise, please don’t patronize my business and tell all your friends and family. At this point, if the customer shopping needs, but he is not the heart of stone, will put down the head – service to my smile.

in a price war, be good at capturing the customers bargain psychology, can be "sacrificed first item" as a bait, in front of customers preferential policies, will let you feel the easy-going personality, which creates a good impression on you, will have tasted the sweetness. If the customer is just to buy a single item, that is not what a pity, they also say a long con, tasted the sweetness of the customer will be "care", and therefore good days behind the still a long.


, we usually learn to read in the business, such as customer due to counter-offer after being rejected, still shilly-shally, is to leave the potential, such as customer and companion in the naysayers, you have to put a low profile and decisive, quick "net". Although "peibenzhuanyaohe, less money can drive the popularity of" the truth.

of course, for more customers, the most concerned about the quality of the product, as long as the quality of clearance, all transactions are good to talk about. While in >

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