Shop should pay attention to avoid those site errors

shop entrepreneurship is a lot of people’s voices, to open a store of their own can open their own business in a new direction. No matter what shop, the site selection was able to successfully carry out various undertakings, wrong, will fall into the dilemma of failure, there are some location of fatal errors, you can never make, otherwise you will not far away from the closure!

fatal error: blindly into the new site

has a very good new venue, all aspects are ideal, but the business is not good, the problem is that this part of the investment. Because the shopping center resources integration, brand location planning lack, cause the entire mall dead; how location, developers in order to expand the business area to create the performance desperately use of space to do addition, sacrifice function originally, but do not care about survival in the location of the merchant’s shop, brand layout confusion, line failure, visibility is not high, advertising is not enough and so many factors, resulting in many food and beverage brands in most did not last long decisively shut down.

fatal error two: cheap, in store

restaurant owner hopes to store into the apartment building, intended to snatch the crowd, but it also exists certain risk. How do, store location, in the pure office area, work on business is mainly concentrated in the lunch, Saturday Sunday is almost no business. Such a short period of time to bring greater pressure on the restaurant revenue. Although, in such buildings, mostly can get preferential location rent prices or pay policy shop, but in the face of all these risks, it is difficult to resist. Therefore, do business in the office area, business hours are relatively limited, coupled with the establishment of stores in the building, more people can not be introduced into the outside world. Choose the store shop, to be more careful.

fatal error three: too much trust in the landlord


A lot of

pavement is in the hands of the hands of middleman landlord. Two landlord is also equivalent to a business manager, his vision and ability, but also affect the local business is good or bad. Therefore, we must uphold the following two principles: never signed and signed a contract with the landlord three; middleman landlord, the landlord must get the certificate written consent sublease. There’s no place for sentiment in the location, business, there are many obstacles and risks, must risk control, eliminate hidden dangers.

fatal error four: short-sighted

when the Internet economy has no obvious impact on the daily lives of ordinary people, how the location of a variety of wholesale market economy is very active. Economic activity is driven by people, as long as there is no need to worry about fast food. In recent years, when Taobao, Jingdong, Tmall, and more and more people’s daily life, the advent of the era of all economic consumption

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