Senior girls open micro shop monthly income of over all methods

now, open the micro shop to do micro business is now a lot of young business choice, the protagonist is a small boss. Check the Jiali Phoenix college is the Soochow University drama film literature (Art Director) class senior student. In July 2014, still enjoy the pleasant summer check Jiali initiation of the open micro shop, idea. There are many possibilities for a young man. How can you know if you don’t try? Micro shop check Jiali opened nearly a year, from the beginning to today’s average monthly income of over a million. The traditional approach of micro business with her differently?


to say this is the first check out of the ordinary Jiali model selection. Check the Jiali said, micro shop me, to speak their own! I like to dress with beauty, I will give their own micro shop when the model. I wear what kind of children we can see, that is, a living girl dressed up, unlike those who have been seriously PS online model show, it is true. I think the people who want to buy my clothes, my own when the model is also more sincere more persuasive.

check Jiali said my micro shop LOGO is using a mobile phone software on a try out, is my own idea. I think what a good combination, on the screenshot saved, then go to the garment factory, they do have a special tag LOGO people. On behalf of the processing of the factory is my first online filtering information, find a fancy, and then go to the field investigation.

As for the design of the

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