The love of painting achievements entrepreneurial foundation own became a millionaire

each person’s success is a legend, there is a story. Today is about a suffering from polio disabled entrepreneurial story, she rely on their own skills, talents and business vision, 70 yuan started, 20 factories, 24 open building, 27 year old art painting created by the national patent, 30 year old billionaire. Here, look at the disabled entrepreneurs story!

18 start empty-handed on 70 yuan a year, Zhou Yanjun moved two feet after the operation of the school. Since then, the village people often see a plaster feet, hands on crutches, carrying the young easel. He painted people everywhere, a painting sold two to two pieces of five. 20 years old, Zhou Yanjun ushered in the first turning point in life. When he dropped out of school.

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