To build the business ecosystem to make enterprises blossom everywhere

to create an entrepreneurial community, you can achieve the optimal allocation of entrepreneurial resources, the maximum range to help more entrepreneurs. Tianjin Binhai New Area to build a "double" featured business space, and create first-class business ecosystem and continuous evolution.

this week, CO sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the Tianjin municipal government and other units of the second session of the "Youth" Chinese Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (and group) national tournament came to an end in the central business district. During the short period of three days, the intention to settle in the home of venture capital projects have more than 20. In fact, this is just a microcosm of Tianjin "hit" the display of the charm of the. It is reported that the district has formed a "double" zone, Tianjin Development Zone, hi tech Zone MSD international business center and Free Trade Zone International Business Park Innovation gathering area, has been built and is building a public space to reach more than and 50, creative industries and entrepreneurial passion in this land evolution.

blossom everywhereThe latest statistics show:

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