National innovation and entrepreneurship alliance of Higher Vocational Colleges in Wuhan

than ordinary colleges and universities, higher vocational colleges have been focused on cultivating more professional and technical talents, leading experience in technical education, but entrepreneurship education in many higher vocational colleges is still in the initial stage. In the new era of management activities, put forward new demands of entrepreneurship education in Higher Vocational colleges.

held recently in Wuhan Polytechnic national vocational college president conference of the 2015 annual meeting of the national higher occupation colleges’ Entrepreneurship alliance was formally established.

the alliance by the Department in charge of education guidance in higher vocational colleges, led the participation of enterprises, to jointly promote the integration of work depth training of innovation and entrepreneurship education in the content, form, method, mechanism and talents, Houzhi public entrepreneurship peoples innovative soil.

A set of data from

display on the opening ceremony, to 2014, the students of 1327 higher vocational colleges has reached 10 million 66 thousand people, the scale for the first time exceeded 10 million mark, the higher occupation education in higher vocational colleges has exceeded the scale of 40%, become the indispensable component of higher education.

It is reported that

in the call of the Ministry of education, college students entrepreneurship education will be incorporated into the teaching system, higher vocational colleges should encourage students to participate in entrepreneurial activities related to the increase of related experience through internship and after graduation to embark on the road of entrepreneurship preparation.

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